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Middlesex Golf Ltd (trading as Middlesex Golf) is a company limited by guarantee. The responsibility for governing Middlesex Golf has been delegated to the Board under the Articles of Association adopted at a General Meeting on 16th February 2017.

Each Club is a Voting Member of Middlesex Golf.  The Delegates represent the playing golfers within their Clubs who individually pay an affiliation fee to Middlesex Golf to enable it to carry out its function as the County Governing Body. Each Club must appoint a Voting Member Representative who is known as the Delegate. 

The club Delegate has the power to appoint directors of Middlesex Golf to manage the company in accordance with its Memorandum and Articles. The Board is committed to fulfilling this responsibility in a manner that will enable Middlesex Golf to achieve its purpose in a structured and planned manner. The Board is accountable to its members for its performance in this respect.

Role of the Delegate

  • Facilitating effective two-way communications between their Club and the Board of MG for the benefit of both and for the benefit of the wider membership.
  • Attending the MG General Meetings required by the Articles of Association twice a year and an Annual General Meeting once a year.  (The latter is generally held at the same time as one of the General Meetings.)
  • Receiving and reporting to their Club any communications received from MG between General Meetings
  • Receiving and reporting any Club issues or concerns to MG.
  • Seeking the mandate of their Club and to vote accordingly at any General Meeting or Annual General Meeting called by the Board of MG
  • Being accountable to the County
  • Acting at all times in the best long-term interests of MG and golf in Middlesex

Role Description



Ashford Manor Golf Club Conor Shine
Brent Valley Golf Club Barrie Barker
Bush Hill Park Golf Club
Crews Hill Golf Club David Ramsay
Ealing Golf Club John Nugent
Enfield Golf Club Jonathan Mundy
Finchley Golf Club Tom Huntley
Fulwell Golf Club Bruce McKellar
Grim's Dyke Golf Club Richard Steel
Hampstead Golf Club
Harefield Place Golf Club
Harrow School Golf Club David Sharp
Haste Hill Golf Club Paul Dimmer
Hendon Golf Club Di Rowlands
Highgate Golf Club Robert Afia
Hillingdon Golf Club Gary Nash
Leaside Golf Club David Roche
Mill Hill Golf Club
Muswell Hill Golf Club Irene Riley
North Middlesex Golf Club
Northwood Golf Club Clare Brown
Perivale Park Golf Club Satish Kohli
Pinner Hill Golf Club Prab Nahamillia
Stanmore Golf Club Lee Patterson
Stockley Park Golf Club
Strawberry Hill Golf Club Alan Plumb
Sudbury Golf Club
West Middlesex Golf Club Michael McCormick
Wyke Green Golf Club

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