Middlesex Golf

Middlesex Under 21, Under 18 and Under 16 Championships 2014

Monday 28th July 2014, White Tees, Stanmore

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 69R2 CSS 69TotalPar
1st Oliver Chesterman Muswell Hill Golf Club (1)7366139+1
2nd Kumar Starkie-Gupta Stanmore Golf Club (1)7271143+5
3rd Matthew Nagle Pinner Hill Golf Club (2)6975144+6
4th Alex Persaud Stanmore Golf Club (4)6878146+8
5th Sam McLoughlin Mill Hill Golf Club (5)7475149+11
5th Tom Nagle Pinner Hill Golf Club (5)7277149+11
5th Michael Peak Enfield Golf Club (4)7178149+11
8th Matthew Lockwood Sudbury Golf Club (5)7575150+12
9th Dylan Gadhia (4)7873151+13
9th George Wallis Enfield Golf Club (5)7774151+13
11th Jack Drennan (3)7874152+14
12th Khush Patel Hadley Wood Golf Club (3)7975154+16
12th Dylan Devani Stanmore Golf Club (10)7777154+16
14th Matt Frost West Middlesex Golf Club (2)8075155+17
15th Nya Fraser-Lawrence Hendon Golf Club (5)7878156+18
15th Tom Neville Northwood Golf Club (5)7383156+18
17th Abhishek Pankhania Moor Park Golf Club (11)8176157+19
18th Tom Davies-Ahmed Enfield Golf Club (5)7979158+20
19th Michael M. Liu (6)8574159+21
19th James Lovell Enfield Golf Club (12)7584159+21
19th Ritik Patel Pinner Hill Golf Club (6)7287159+21
22nd Martin Winterburn Ealing Golf Club (7)8377160+22
22nd Max Wheeler Enfield Golf Club (5)8179160+22
24th R E T WILLIAMS Ealing Golf Club (6)8279161+23
24th Christian Pitsillides Bush Hill Park Golf Club (9)8081161+23
26th Aaron Khera West Middlesex Golf Club (6)8577162+24
27th Richard Raniga Stanmore Golf Club (10)8677163+25
27th James O'Connell (5)7984163+25
29th Michael Griffiths Harewood Downs Golf Club (4)8480164+26
29th Nick Lewis Bush Hill Park Golf Club (10)8282164+26
29th Aneesh Mistry (3)7985164+26
32nd Jerome Foster The Shire London Golf Club (3)8085165+27
32nd Oliver Baker (4)7788165+27
34th Aidan Kemp Strawberry Hill Golf Club (7)9078168+30
35th Tejas Patel Stanmore Golf Club (16)9179170+32
35th Jack Evans Royal Wimbledon Golf Club (16)8981170+32
37th Max Melville Moor Park Golf Club (14)8784171+33
38th Matthew Tiddy Enfield Golf Club (12)9580175+37
39th Will Tovell Strawberry Hill Golf Club (6)9284176+38
40th Will Judge Highgate Golf Club (13)9484178+40
41st David Beatty (16)8891179+41
42nd Sebastian Maskrey Highgate Golf Club (12)8892180+42
43rd Eoghan Rahilly Stanmore Golf Club (12)10081181+43
44th George Tiddy Enfield Golf Club (13)9092182+44
45th Abhisaran Sohal Strawberry Hill Golf Club (14)9293185+47
46th Andrew Gatehouse Strawberry Hill Golf Club (15)9496190+52

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