Middlesex Golf

Middlesex Seniors' Championship 2017

White Tees, Highgate

Aggregate of the following competitions: Middlesex Mens Seniors Championship 2017 (28th Jul) & Middlesex Mens Seniors Championship Round 2 (29th Jul)

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 72R2 CSS 69TotalPar
1st John J Fletcher Ealing Golf Club (5)7574149+11
2nd Andy Sutton Brent Valley Golf Club (4)7974153+15
3rd Mark Stanton Ealing Golf Club (6)7975154+16
3rd Ray Andrews Grims Dyke Golf Club (6)7876154+16
5th Tim Jones Muswell Hill Golf Club (5)7977156+18
5th Alan Findlater Pinner Hill Golf Club (5)7878156+18
5th Scott Galloway Hendon Golf Club (4)7779156+18
8th Michael Steer Mill Hill (9)8178159+21
9th Peter Edwards Hendon Golf Club (5)8080160+22
10th Andy Hills Harefield Place (5)8180161+23
10th C K Lee Pinner Hill Golf Club (6)8081161+23
10th Lee Cousins Mill Hill Golf Club (7)8081161+23
13th Robert Afia Highgate Golf Club (8)7884162+24
13th Peter Marsh North Middlesex Golf Club (5)7884162+24
15th Tim Batt Whitewebbs Golf Club (5)8182163+25
15th David Hale Pinner Hill Golf Club (5)8083163+25
17th Ian Fulda Sudbury Golf Club (6)8183164+26
18th James Duane Muswell Hill Golf Club (5)7878+9
19th Jeremy Smouha Highgate Golf Club (11)8282+13
19th Philip Richardson Muswell Hill Golf Club (5)8282+13
21st Stephen Russell Fulwell Golf Club (6)8383+14
21st Tom Powell Mill Hill (7)8383+14
21st Graham Jones Sudbury Golf Club (9)8383+14
21st Paul Trow Muswell Hill Golf Club (13)8383+14
25th Lance Robins Mill Hill (6)8484+15
25th Ollie Hynes Sudbury Golf Club (4)8484+15
27th Henry Webster Mill Hill (7)8585+16
27th David Booth Highgate Golf Club (12)8585+16
27th Anthony Segal Highgate Golf Club (9)8585+16
27th Mr Chris Vallender Fulwell Golf Club (7)8585+16
27th David Alder Sudbury Golf Club (10)8585+16
27th Bob Gurney Ealing Golf Club (9)8585+16
33rd paul maxwell Highgate Golf Club (9)8686+17
33rd Sean Donohoe Hendon Golf Club (8)8686+17
33rd David Liebeck Highgate Golf Club (12)8686+17
33rd Peter Jones Sudbury Golf Club (13)8686+17
37th Steve Fenton Perivale Park Golf Club (8)8787+18
37th Wilson Ransome Highgate Golf Club (12)8787+18
37th David Normile Sudbury Golf Club (10)8787+18
37th Chetan Patel Sudbury Golf Club (10)8787+18
41st David Pordage Muswell Hill Golf Club (12)8888+19
41st George Sheriff Haste Hill Golf Club (14)8888+19
41st Anthony Healy Highgate Golf Club (9)8888+19
44th Dave Morris Bush Hill Park Golf Club (13)8989+20
44th Stephen Pyle Crews Hill (5)8989+20
44th David Harris Finchley Golf Club (10)8989+20
44th Alan Harris Finchley Golf Club (11)8989+20
48th David Kingsman Highgate Golf Club (7)9090+21
49th Kevin Carew Whitewebbs Golf Club (7)9191+22
49th Nigel Lipscomb Brent Valley Golf Club (10)9191+22
51st James Craggs Bush Hill Park Golf Club (11)9292+23
51st Gulshan Joshi Perivale Park Golf Club (13)9292+23
51st John David Stolliday Bush Hill Park Golf Club (10)9292+23
51st David Crouch Whitewebbs Golf Club (14)9292+23
55th Richard Roberts Brent Valley Golf Club (11)9393+24
55th Crispin Roche Crews Hill (10)9393+24
57th David Dickinson Bush Hill Park Golf Club (12)9595+26
58th Steve Gacki Whitewebbs Golf Club (10)9696+27
59th Alan Forbes Trent Park Golf Club (11)9898+29
60th Ian Pierce Trent Park Golf Club (14)NR  
61st Tom McEvoy Whitewebbs Golf Club (6)NR  

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