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2021 Women's Foursomes Knockout Rules

MIDDLESEX GOLF WOMEN’S Foursomes Knockout Tournament
25.1 Qualification
i) An affiliated club can enter up to a maximum of three teams. Players do not need to be nominated in advance, however, should a club enter more than one team, a player must only play for one of them. All clubs entering the competition should ensure that their players are aware of the Finals date and be available to play should their team progress to this stage.
ii) Entrants must hold a handicap of 36 or lower. Players with handicaps greater than the limit may not enter.
25.2 Maximum Entry
Three teams from each affiliated club.
25.3 Format
i) The format of the competition is foursomes’ match play.
ii) The order of the draw will be determined by lot drawn by the County Operations Manager in the presence of at least one other member of the Tournament Committee or member of the Executive Committee. The first team drawn will be the top-named team on the draw sheet and will be considered to be the “Home Team”. The team drawn as their opponent will be the bottom-named team on the draw sheet and will be considered to be the “Away Team”.
iii) All matches will be played on a neutral course determined by the Tournament Committee.
iv) It is the responsibility of the “Home Team” to establish contact with the Club hosting the match to establish availability of dates.
v) The first named club in the draw must contact the opposing club. Three dates are to be offered, one of which should be at a weekend. If the second named club has not been contacted 21 days before the play by date, it then becomes the 2nd club’s responsibility for contacting their opponents and offering three dates, one of which should be at a weekend.
vi) If any two clubs are unable to agree on a date or time the match shall be played at 2.00pm on the last day of that particular round on the course selected by the Tournament Committee. If one club is present at that time, they shall be awarded the match, provided they have obtained proof of evidence of attendance from the Professional or Club Secretary/Manager (of that club). This must be forwarded to the County Operations Manager immediately.
vii) The semi-finals and final will be played on a neutral course and on a date nominated by the Tournament Committee. The Tournament Committee will endeavour to appoint County Rules Officials to be present for the final.
viii) In the event of a match being all square after 18 holes, extra holes will be played in accordance with Part II – Terms Applying to All Competitions, Term 15.1.
ix) The winners of each match shall send the result by email to the County Operations Manager without delay. A team given a “walkover” should inform the County Operations Manager by email immediately.
x) Any dispute or query will be settled by the Tournament Committee, whose decision is final
25.4 Order of play
The “Away Team” will have the honour on the first teeing ground. For the semi-final and final matches, the order of play will be decided by lot.

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