Middlesex Golf

2021 Men's Senior Knockout Rules

MIDDLESEX GOLF MEN’S Seniors’ Match Play Championship
20.1 Qualifications
i) Entrants must be male and aged 55 and over at 00:00 hours on 1st January preceding the Championship.
ii) On the date that their entry for the Championship is submitted, they must hold a handicap of 14.4 or lower. Players with handicaps greater than the limit may not enter.
20.2 Maximum Entry
The maximum number of players is 64. If the number of approved entries exceeds the number of places available, Part I – General Rules Applying to All Competitions, Section 5 will apply.
20.3 Format
i) The Championship is a singles knockout 18-hole match play competition, played off scratch. The order of the draw will be determined by lot drawn by the County Operations Manager in the presence of at least one other member of the Tournament Committee or member of the Executive Committee. The first player drawn in any pair will be the top-named player on the draw sheet and will be considered to be the “Home Player”. The player drawn as his opponent will be the bottom-named player on the draw sheet and will be considered to be the “Away Player”.
ii) All matches are to be played on neutral courses selected by the County Operations Manager.
iii) It is the responsibility of the player drawn first in each round to establish contact with the host club to establish availability of dates.
iv) In the event of a match being all square after 18 holes, extra holes will be played in accordance with Part II – Terms of Play Applying to All Competitions, Term 15.1.
v) Each match will start at or before 3:00pm on the date specified as the Closing Date for the round unless an earlier date has been mutually arranged between the two players.
vi) The result of each match must be reported to the County Operations Manager as soon as possible after the completion of the match or the result posted on the county website no later than noon on the Monday after the closing date. Otherwise, both players will be disqualified.
vii) The semi-finals and final match must be played on the same day and will be played on a course selected by the Tournament Committee which will whenever possible be a neutral course. In addition, the semi-finals and final match will be played on a date and at a time determined by the Tournament Committee that is mutually acceptable to the four players.
viii) The Tournament Committee will endeavour to appoint referees for the semi-final and final matches.
ix) Following any match other than the semi-finals and final, any claim under Rule 20.1b(2) of the Rules of Golf must be reported on the day to the County Operations Manager, or if he or she is not available, to the Chief Rules Official or to a member of the Tournament Panel of Rules Officials for a ruling.
20.4 Order of play
The “Away Player” will have the honour on the first teeing ground. For the semi-final and final matches, the order of play will be decided by lot.
20.5 Prizes and Vouchers
i) The winner will be presented with the Senior Knockout Trophy and he will also receive a memento to retain and a voucher.
ii) The runner-up will receive a memento and a voucher.
iii) The two losing semi-finalists will each receive a voucher.

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