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expense policy

Prepared by the County Secretary and the Director of Finance on 16/04/2020


Middlesex Golf Ltd will reimburse reasonable out of pocket costs incurred in the running of golf in the county. Each expense claim will be assessed by the County Secretary and the Finance Director on a case by case basis. 

All claims need to be submitted to The County Secretary by October 15th of the year that the expense was occured.  

The County Secretary and Team Managers are responsible for arranging in advance fixtures, venues, accommodation if required, catering, third party transport if required and any other items.

These costs should be broadly within the budget for each fixture. Each team and event will receive a budget determined by the board.  Invoices for cost incurred should be sent to the County Secretary for approval and these will be forwarded to the Finance Director for payment. Exceptions to this procedure require the approval in advance of the County Secretary and Finance Director.

There is a Middlesex Golf Ltd Expense Claim Document which is to be be used to itemise costs. This should be completed and sent to the County Secretary. Where possible, the relevant receipts should be provided.

Mileage is set at £0.​30 per mile.

To reduce administration, where it is likely that an individual will be making more than one claim in a season, each claim should be consolidated and submitted at the end of the season.

Match and Playing Expenses

Claims made are to be submitted to the County Secretary and Team Managers for approval, prior to reimbursement by the Finance Director.


The County Secretary will arrange accommodation in advance if the fixture merits overnight stays. Payment for accommodation can be made via one of the following methods:

  • In advance by County Secretary
  • Upon checkout and paid for by Team Captain, who can claim this cost from Middlesex Golf.
  • Hotel invoice sent to County Secretary.


Refreshments and meals from overnight stays can be paid for by either the Team Captain who can claim the cost from Middlesex Golf or the County Secretary if in attendance.

It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to ensure costs for food and refreshments are reasonable.

Travel Expenses

Players are entitled to claim for their personal travel to and from Middlesex matches and to competitions representing Middlesex outside of Middlesex County only.

Team Managers

Team managers should pay and claim for their team’s refreshments, excluding meals, and for any local golf related expenses, including:

  • Water  
  • Yardage charts
  • Trolleys/Buggies
  • On course snacks for the team

Team managers can also claim for their travel and refreshments

Rules Officials

At the end of the season rules officials can claim for reimbursement of mileage to and from tournaments. Claims are to be submitted to the County Secretary for approval, who will forward these onto the Finance Director for payment. The mileage rate is 30 pence per mile.

Only in exceptional cases can drinks or food be claimed using the expense form as on-site food and drinks will be provided by a tab set up at the venue by County Secretary, Tournament Director, or a Middlesex Golf Director. A justification for claiming drinks and food must be submitted with the expense form. 

It will be the responsibility of the person opening the tab to monitor spending for reasonableness.

Course Assessments

Mileage to and from the course being assessed and a reasonable amount for food and drinks can be claimed. Claims must be submitted to County Secretary for approval.


Mileage to and from golf related national and regional golf events and meetings can be reimbursed, including hotel, meals and refreshments. 

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