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Gowland Salver 2020

The 2020 George Gowland Salver will run from June 14th with the final taking place on Sunday the 18th of October at a venue that has yet to be confirmed. 

Each round will be randonmly drawn. All matches are to be played on neutral courses selected by the County Operations Manager. All registered players are informed of the draw by email, if a current email has been supplied.

This year, there were 34 entries. In order for the bracket to work, 30 players were chosen at random to receive a bye into Round 2. The remaining 4 players play Round 1. The two winners from Round 1 will meet the 30 byes in Round 2 to make up the sixteen matches in the Second Round. 

Please note: The Home Player (the top-named player on the draw sheet) must contact his opponent three weeks prior to the play-by-date for the round. If the second named player has not been contacted 21 days before the play by date, he then becomes responsible for contacting his opponent. If the two players are unable to agree a date or time, the match shall be played at 3pm on the last day of that particular round. 

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Quarter Finals Semi Finals & Finals
Contact Deadline Sunday 21/06/2020 Sunday 19/07/2020 Sunday 16/08/2020 Sunday 13/09/2020 N/A
Play by deadline Sunday 12/07/2020 Sunday 09/08/2020 Sunday 06/09/2020 Sunday 04/10/2020 Sunday 18/10/2020

Bracket for the 2020 George Gowland Salver

As of 13/10/2020

The winning player from this round must submit result to and as soon as possible following the conclusion of the match. 

If you have any queries, please contact Chief Referee, Robbie Martin at

  2019 Winner: Niall Keogh (Sudbury)

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