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(Formerly Parent/Guardian Consent Form)


The safety and welfare of juniors in our care is paramount, and it is therefore important that we are aware of any illness, medical condition and other relevant health details so that their best interests are addressed.

Please complete this form with our assurance that the information will be treated as confidential.

  • I confirm to the best of my knowledge that my child does not suffer from any medical condition other than those detailed above. 
  • I agree to notify the Middlesex Golf of any changes.
  • give permission for the Middlesex Golf responsible person to give the immediately necessary authority on my behalf for any medical or surgical treatment recommended by competent medical authorities, where it would be contrary to my child’s interest, in the doctor’s medical opinion, for any delay to be incurred by seeking my personal consent. 
  • The submission of this form confirms my child has my permission to be on the golf club premises at whichever golf club the County event/match is taking place. 

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