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The Middlesex Teams & Coaching Committee created the following philosophy to ensure a  supportive and outstanding service is consistently delivered to the County's elite players.  

Middlesex Golf Teams & Coaching pledge to accommodate all interested golfers and of the ability to represent the County, according to the standards set out by the committee. 

Whatever your reason for playing the game, we will foster that passion and encourage you to play and love the game in your own unique way. If you aspire to be one of the greatest that has ever played the game, we want to facilitate your path to the top. If playing County golf is your goal, we want to help you taste success along the way. Regardless of what your goals in the game are, we want every golfer that has been selected by the County to be able to say that they have learned lessons that are not only applicable to golf but also life.” 

We commit to offering all County Players something at the County level that players cannot obtain at the club level.

Teams and Coaching Committee

  1. Darragh Coghlan - Director
  2. Neil Jennings - Men's 1st Team Manager
  3. CK Lee - Men's Senior Team Manager
  4. Phil Tiddy - Boy's U18 Team Manager
  5. Irvine Walker - Boy's U16 Team Manager
  6. John Penn - Boy's U14 Team Manager
  7. Mandy Miller - Women's 1st Team Manager
  8. Rose-Marie Casas - Women's 2nd Team Manager
  9. Di Williams - Girls' U18 Team Manager
  10. Charles Sandison-Woods - County Coach
  11. Emily Perry - County Coach
  12. Paul Holland - County Coach

Winter Training

After the playing season has ended, players have the opportunity to be selected for Middlesex Winter Training. The criteria for selection for Winter Training Squads are detailed  HERE

In keeping with the idea of offering all County Players something at the County level that players cannot obtain at club level, we have created the 'Away Day'. The Away Day has been created to offer the players something unique, a reward for their hard work and effort in getting to the County Winter Training Squad. At these Away Days, players will be exposed to novel practice days, fun team bonding, and new ideas from experts. As well as providing a fun social atmosphere, they allow the Team Managers to monitor all potential players and see who is performing well and improving before a decision is made about which players should represent the County in Inter-County Matches which begin in the spring. Generally, the criteria for selection for Winter Training are: 

  • The player must have their Home Club in Middlesex
  • The player's WAGR Ranking 
  • The player's performances in National events
  • The player's performances in County events

The overall aim of Winter Training is to improve upon the high-performance players' already considerable abilities and assist them in excelling in national amateur golf while representing Middlesex.

Summer Squads & Inter-County Golf

Usually, a squad of 10-12 players will make up the pool from which players will be selected for matches. These Squads will be selected after Winter Training has finished and before the playing season begins. Generally, the criteria for selection are:

  • Players' commitment to and performance in tournaments.
  • Players' commitment to and performance in Winter Training 
  • Players' commitment to and performance in County matches

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