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For players looking to go to colleeg in America, the typical recruitment timeline is as follows: -

  1. June 15th, two years prior to your intended start date - this date is the first time that college coaches are permitted to conact players directly under NCAA rules.
  2. Summer tournaments - Coach observes player on a number of occasions and perhaps an in person meeting after the round
  3. Sept to Oct, two years prior to your intended start date - Recruits can arrange a campus visit if possible. The Autumn half-term is popular.
  4. December to April, one year prior to your intended start date - A decision is usually made and a verbal commitment given.
  5. November prior to enrolling the following year – Player officially signs and contracts binding. This is known as the NLI - National Letter of Intent.

College coaches will communicate with as many reliable sources as possible to build a picture about a player, so don’t be surprised if your coaches and/or managers here are asked for a reference. Please be aware that the stronger teams and coaches will most likely wait and give players an opportunity to visit. A note for all players and parents is not to be pressured into making a decision too early because all colleges can look great online.  

Our advice is to be prepared and be patient. This is particularly pertinent for good players who may be given the hard sell by relatively weaker colleges or agents to sign a deal, when a better opportunity may present itself before the relevant deadlines. All parents and players will be well served to approach any online meeting with college coaches prepared with questions to get the most out of the opportunity (please see FAQ’s).

Below is a England Golf webinar with Phil Rowe for more help and advice.

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