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Statistics for Ben Roper

Enfield Golf Club

CourseTeeCourse Hcap95% Playing Hcap
Crews HillWhite10
Crews HillYellow10
Ealing Golf ClubWhite10
Ealing Golf ClubYellow10
Ealing Golf ClubRed9
Fulwell Golf ClubWhite9
Fulwell Golf ClubYellow9
Fulwell Golf ClubRed9
Grims DykeWhite9
Grims DykeYellow8
Grims DykeRed8
Harrow School Golf ClubWhite7
Harrow School Golf ClubYellow7
Hendon Golf ClubWhite9
Hendon Golf ClubYellow9
Hendon Golf ClubRed9
Mill Hill Golf ClubWhite10
Mill Hill Golf ClubYellow10
Muswell Hill Golf ClubWhite10
Muswell Hill Golf ClubYellow10
Muswell Hill Golf ClubRed10
North Middlesex Golf ClubWhite10
North Middlesex Golf ClubYellow9
Pinner HillWhite10
Pinner HillYellow9
Stanmore Golf ClubWhite9
Stanmore Golf ClubYellow9
Stanmore Golf ClubRed9
Sudbury Golf ClubWhite10
Sudbury Golf ClubYellow9
Sudbury Golf ClubRed9
West Middlesex Golf ClubWhite9
West Middlesex Golf ClubYellow9
West Middlesex Golf ClubRed9
Wyke GreenWhite9
Wyke GreenYellow9
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Par 3 Avg - 3.73
Par 4 Avg - 5.11
Par 5 Avg - 5.80

Scoring Analysis for Ben Roper

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Competition Date Course Gross Nett Sford
2021 Middlesex Eamonn Kneafsey Championships (U26, U21, & U18s) - Round 1 Q Sunday 22nd August 2021 Enfield 85 75  
2021 Middlesex Eamonn Kneafsey Championships (U26, U21, & U18s) - Round 2 Q Sunday 22nd August 2021 Enfield 87 77  
2021 Junior Champion Club Q Sunday 18th April 2021 Grims Dyke 83 70 35
2020 Middlesex U16 Championship Q Friday 30th October 2020 Highgate 90 76  
2020 Middlesex U26, U21, and U18’s Championship - Round 1 Q Wednesday 19th August 2020 Pinner Hill 92 78  
Middlesex U14/U13 Championship 2019 Q Wednesday 28th August 2019 Finchley G C 93 77  

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