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Golf in Middlesex in respect of the covid-19 outbreak

Updated 01/07/2020

Middlesex Golf are pleased to announce the revised tournament schedule for the 2020 season. It is essential to familiarise yourself with any restrictions or guidelines in place at the venue of your match and to follow them at all times. If unsure at any time, competitors should follow the ' Play Safe, Stay Safe' guidelines. For foursomes golf, please follow the guidelines on our website. Until further notice spectators, caddies, or any additional personnel other than the required competitors are not permitted.  Although Middlesex Golf are running these events and Middlesex golf clubs are facilitating them, the onus is on each competitor to adhere to government guidelines. 

Each event was reviewed individually and the feasibility of rearranging it was made on a case by case basis and after the postponement period the Tournament committee  the board have decided to cancel the following tournaments:

  • Men’s Coronation Bowl
  • The Frank Rowse
  • Ladies’ 5-Club Final
  • Ladies’ Inter-Club
  • Silver Spring Meeting
  • Bronze Spring Meeting
  • Pearson County Final
  • Junior Champion Club

On June 14th, most County KO's restarted. The finals dates have been pushed back one month to create more time for each round to be played. The draws, play-by-dates, and neutral venues are available on our website. All matches should be played according to the local rules of the venue. The original draws will be retained. Players who do not wish to compete due to health and safety concerns are free to withdraw. They will receive a full refund or they can choose to use it for their 2021 entry fee and their opponents will receive a walk-over.

We understand that you will be disappointed by this decision, but the main consideration at this time is the safety of the members of Middlesex and we believe the best way for us to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones is to follow the advice provided by UK Government, the WHO, and the NHS.

If anyone has any questions or queries please email the County Secretary,  Darragh.

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