Middlesex Golf


1. Match Format

3 foursomes am
6 singles pm

2. Team Lists

8 players can be nominated 30 minutes before the match is due to tee off.
Team sheets should be exchanged between the team Captains 15 minutes before the 1st foursomes match is due to start, and may not be amended.
Team sheets should be exchanged between the team Captains 15 minutes before the 1st singles match is due to start, or as soon as possible after the conclusion of the last foursome, whichever is later, and may not be amended.

3. Caddies

No caddies are permitted.

4. Buggies

A buggy or golf cart may be used by a registered disabled player provided the club at which the match is played allows their use.
A player who is recovering from illness/injury or who has a medical condition may also use a buggy or golf cart provided she produces a Doctor’s letter supporting why she requires its use.
The Team Captain should notify the opposing Team Captain in advance of the intention to use a buggy or golf cart.
If a player is allowed the use of a buggy or golf cart, it is recommended that she contacts the club where the match will be played to check that club’s buggy or golf cart policy and, if required, availability.
The cost is to be met by the player.
Only the player is allowed to use the buggy (not her partner or opponent).                                                                                      

5.  Distance measuring Devices DMD’s may be used but they must conform to the rules and measure distance only (Ref Rule 14.3)

6. Scoring

a) The highest number of TEAM matches won will decide the winner.

b) The highest number of GAMES won will decide ties.

c) Should there still be a tie then the Stovold Trophy will be held jointly.

7. Eligibility

Anyone who plays for their County in County Match Week or County Finals is only eligible to play in a Stovold match which occurs after County Week of the following year.  If a player was nominated to play in County Week or as a non-travelling reserve and had not been chosen to play, they may play for their Stovold Team in the current year.

8. Match Dates

All matches must be played after County Match Week in June and be completed by the date fixed for the playing of the Alresford Cup. (September tbc each year) The trophy will be presented to the winning Stovold Captain or County Captain at this event.

9. Procedure if course is or becomes unplayable

If no play is possible in the morning, matches will be decided on the results in the afternoon singles.
If the course is declared unplayable during the morning, the foursome’s result of completed games will stand.  If play cannot be resumed to permit completion of the unfinished games before lunch, the unfinished games will be declared halved and singles will be played in the afternoon as usual.
If the singles cannot be played that afternoon, all matches will be declared as halved.
If play is abandoned after the completion of the foursomes all singles matches will be declared halved matches.
If no play is possible at all then an alternative date can be arranged.  Failing this the match should be called a half.

10. Results

Results to be sent to the Team Captain below:

  • 2015 Surrey
  • 2016 Kent
  • 2017 Hants
  • 2018 Middlesex
  • 2019 Sussex

(Updated January 2018)

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