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Winter Training

After the playing season has ended, players have the opportunity to be selected forU14's Winter Training.  As well as providing a fun social atmosphere, Winter Training training gives the Team Managers the opportunity to monitor all potential players and see who is performing well and improving before a decision is made about which players should go into the U14's Squads in spring. The criteria for selection for Winter Training are: 

  • The player must have their Home Club in Middlesex
  • The player's performances in National events (Faldo Series, British Junior Golf Tour, etc.)
  • The player's performances in County events (U13/14's Championship, etc)
  • Typically, Handicap Index of 20.4 or better

A more detailed Selection Criteria Document can be viewed HERE.

The overall aim of Winter Training is to improve upon the already considerable abilities of the high-performance players and assist them towards excelling in national amateur golf while representing Middlesex. Players who are selected will be invited to join the squad in late 2022. They will be provided with a schedule of events for the next 12 months, and some information about what will be expected of them.

Summer Squad & Inter-County Golf

A squad of 10-12 players will make up the U14's Squad and will be used to select playing teams for matches which will be selected after Winter Training has finished and before the playing season begins. Generally, the criteria for selection are:

  • Players' commitment to and performance in tournaments. 
  • Players' commitment to and performance in Winter Training 
  • Players' commitment to and performance in County matches

It is an honour for juniors to have the opportunity to represent their county on the golf course and we think that it might be helpful to clarify and summarise our views on some ground rules.

Our overall aim is to give players the opportunity to enjoy representing a Middlesex side that is capable of competing in all friendly matches, the South Eastern League, playing through to the South East Boys' Qualifiers. We will give qualifying players the chance to play in a highly competitive environment, whilst maintaining high standards of sportsmanship and friendship.

A complete Fixture List can be found below. Team selection for each match will be sent by e-mail and via the team WhatsApp group to all players and their parents on the U14 Selection List, approximately three weeks in advance of the forthcoming fixture. Selected players and reserves will be asked to confirm their availability by e-mail or WhatsApp, within the stated period. If the Manager does not receive such confirmation, he is likely to promote a reserve, so please follow that protocol to avoid disappointment.

Criteria for selection will vary for the various matches that comprise the U14 Fixture List. The various matches can be categorised as:

  • Friendly matches
  • South Eastern League matches

Teams for the various matches will be selected by the U14 Team Manager, John Penn, and County Coach Charles Sandison Woods. Selection will be based upon:

  • The nature of the fixture (Friendly, League, Championship)
  • Current form.
  • Individual aptitude for the particular event (matchplay, strokeplay, singles, foursomes etc)
  • Support for his teammates and other Middlesex juniors.

Middlesex Golf provides subsidies to cover the costs of all fixtures. This broadly contributes to the cost of meals and refreshments. All players are expected to attend the meal after matches, although it is accepted that certain circumstances can arise.

Team shirts and pullovers are given to all players that represent Middlesex. All players are expected to represent the county in the team kit. Players will be provided with county golf balls for each match that they play in.

In Summary, it is our ambition to be a well run and competitive team. We aim to compete strongly in every event that we play. We will include as many players in this process as we reasonably can.

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