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Online Entry for 2021 Middlesex U16 Championship

Friday 29th October 2021

MIDDLESEX GOLF Under 16s' Mixed Championship
3.1 Qualifications
i) Entrants can be male or female and under the age of 16 at 00:00 hours on 1st January preceding the Championship.
ii) On the date that their entry for the Championship is submitted, they must hold a handicap of 28.4 or lower for boys and 36.4 or lower for girls. Players with handicaps greater than the limit may not enter.
3.2 Maximum Entry
The maximum number of competitors is 72. If the number of approved entries exceeds the number of places available, competitors nominated to represent their Club in the MIDDLESEX GOLF Junior Champion Club Tournament will have automatic places. In all other respects, Part I – General Rules Applying to All Competitions, Section 5 will apply.
3.3 Format
i) The Championship will be a stroke play event, played over 18 holes.
ii) Players may employ a caddie, but the caddie must be under the age of 18 on the day of the Championship. The penalty for breaching this is two strokes for each hole at which a breach occurs with a maximum penalty of four strokes. If the competitor uses the caddie after discovery of the breach, the competitor will be disqualified.
iii) The Committee reserves the right to prevent a person from being employed or continuing to be employed as a caddie if the competitor is unable to verify that the caddie meets the term above by providing verification from the Secretary of the competitor’s golf club or other evidence acceptable to the Committee.
3.4 Order of Play
As far as is practical, competitors will be drawn to play in descending order of handicap in groups of three with no playing group comprising two competitors from the same club.
3.5 Prizes and Vouchers
i) The winner with the lowest gross score for the 18 holes will receive the trophy and they will also receive a memento to retain and a voucher. The competitor with the next lowest gross score for the 18 holes will receive a memento and a voucher.
ii) The competitor with the lowest aggregate nett score for the 18 holes will each receive a voucher.
iii) A competitor can win more than one trophy, but may not receive more than one prize
iv) Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.
Entry for this competition is balloted to 72 entries. Online entry does not guarantee a place in the final competition.
This competition requires that fees be paid to complete entry. If the payment process is not completed, your entry may be removed.


A valid CDH ID is required to enter this competition. Please contact your home club if you do not know it.

English & Welsh Lifetime IDs may be used.

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