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Course Rating

Listed below are the provisional timings for rating under the USGA and R&A system. We will endeavour to rate the courses by the indicated year and once every 10 years thereafter.  The lead assessor will contact each club, requesting various details about the course and also discuss the most suitable date for the rating.

If you have any queries about Course Rating or if you would like to enquire about Course Rating at your club, please email

As of May 2022

Club Last Rating Next Rating Due
Ashford Manor GC 2014 2024
Brent Valley GC 2020 2030
Bush Hill Park GC 2015 2025
Crews Hill GC 2019 2029
Ealing GC 2017 2027
Enfield GC 2017 2027
Finchley GC 2018 2028
Fulwell GC 2019 2029
Grim's Dyke GC 2014 2024
Hampstead GC 2019 2029
Harefield Place GC 2021 2031
Harrow School GC 2018 2028
Haste Hill GC 2019 2029
Hendon GC 2015 2025
Highgate GC 2018 2028
Hillingdon GC 2019 2029
Leaside GC 2017 2027
Mill Hill GC 2019 2029
Muswell Hill GC 2019 2029
North Middlesex GC 2019 2029
Northwood GC 2019 2029
Perivale Park GC 2019 2029
Pinner Hill GC 2018 2028
Stanmore GC 2018 2028
Stockley Park GC 2022 2032
Strawberry Hill GC 2018 2028
Sudbury GC 2015 2025
West Middlesex GC 2017 2027
West London Golf Centre 2014 2024
Wyke Green GC 2015 2025

The WHS and your club

If you have any queries about the WHS and how it affects you, or if you have any other questions regarding the WHS, please email


For those golfing athletes who attend overseas college provisions (outside of GB&I), it is a requirement that they return all acceptable scores back to their home club for processing and entering into WHS portal records.  This is the responsibility of the golfer.   This document from Gemma Hunter clarifies all requirements. 

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