Women’s 2nd Team Captain Q&A

“Q And A” With Rose- Marie Casas, Women’s County 2nd Team Manager

“Q and A” with Rose- Marie Casas

Women’s County 2nd  Team Manager


The Elite Women of Middlesex can either be selected for the 1st or 2nd teams. It is the highest level of competitive golf for Women golfers in Middlesex.

The 2nd team provides a route through which talented players can progress to represent the County at 1st Team level, whilst providing a fun and competitive outlet for women.

The 2nd team’s season is focused towards the “Stovold Trophy .”

The four Inter-County Stovold Trophy matches played against Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex commence after county week.

The 2nd team is managed by Muswell Hill’s Rose- Marie Casas

We sat down recently with Rose – Marie to find out what her hopes and aspirations are for this coming season, amongst other topical subjects.

Sit back, relax and enjoy ……



How long have you been involved in golf and a member at Muswell Hill GC?

Rose – It must be 12 years now, learning my golf initially in Germany. I was reluctant to take up the game as I viewed it as boring….. But like us all, once the bug catches you…..

I have been at Muswell Hill now for 4 years.


Why was golf boring initially?

Rose – Well my background was in faster ball games, Hand Ball, Volleyball, Football and Tennis too. I always watched golf but was never attracted to play.

(Note Rose played level European Hand Ball for Racing Club Paris – don’t tell her we told you)


Are you hoping to be a playing captain too?

Rose – Absolutely not – to be a good captain you need to be available for the players and be observant at all times, playing would be a distraction.


Do you think this will be a mixture of youth and experience, just as many successful teams often are.

Rose  – the 2nd team is there as support to Mandy and the 1st team, I have players who could make the 1st team but may not be available for county week, plus I have younger players who are making their way and this gives them excellent experience. These younger players will learn so much by example.


Do you hope to bring in any new players? Who has caught your eye at the get togethers.

Rose – I have plans currently for two new players to be given their chance, but who knows if someone might come through at the county championships?


How was the informal / training get togethers ? Any stories you can share, sing alongs, dancing etc we hear are often the norm –

Rose – We have fun, whilst at the same time getting to know each other, which leads to partnerships and hopefully success. The spirit we create is incredible.


How did you found Elite Performance Management?

Rose – The knowledge and skills that Emily and Paul bring have already produced success in 2022, we hope to continue with that this year. For example, they have helped us bond more effectively, they complement what the players have technically, plus they make us think better too. For example, with Emily we work on scenarios – how would we react in certain situations.


What is your style of Management – Suzann Petersen or Catriona Matthew?

Rose – My style is relaxed; the team is older and stable. I give them my 100% commitment and they in return do the same.


What would you view as a success for the team this year, is it simply to win the Stovold Trophy?

Rose – Winning is important but not the only measure of success, if we can achieve what we did last year and a little bit more then that would be so satisfying for all.


Other than golf what are your other life great passions?

Rose – My other great passions are the Theatre, Movies, Exhibitions, Art and Culture


Who would be in your dream 4 Ball? Can be past or present players?

Rose  – Of the current players it would be Min Jee Lee, Danielle Kang, Leona Maguire

If it was from the past, first comes to mind, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer


Other than your home course, which course would you go back and play again?

Rose – The Marquess at Woburn, plus Princes


What is your choice of golf ball and why?

Rose – Callaway Super Soft


What’s the longest iron in your bag?

Rose – 6 Iron, although I am considering a 5 iron soon


How many wedges do you carry?

Rose – Wedge, 52, and 60 – so that’s 3!


What’s the last thing you watched on NetFlix?

Rose – I really enjoyed the Diplomat


Facebook / Twitter or Instagram?

Rose – All of them, I have friends on each platform.


And what’s your football team?

Rose – Spurs (without hesitation)


And finally, can people come and support and maybe caddy?

Rose – Absolutely, supporters would be actively encouraged.


Interviewer: Thanks so much for your time, great to get an insight into the Women’s 2nd Team for 2023

If you are interested to learn more about the team, check out their webpage 

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