Mill Hill Golf Club

Inaugurated 1927

Architect – Architect J.S.F. Abercromby (Aber) / Harry Colt

Length 6,346 yards


Originally conceived in 1924 and commissioned to celebrated golf course architect J.S.F. Abercromby the creator of such delights as The Addington, Coombe Hill, and Worplesdon, Mill Hill Golf Club (originally Mote Mount GC) did not open for play until 1927 and although the course has been slightly altered by such things as the M1 Motorway, and by another celebrated architect, one Harry Shapland Colt. The golf course at Mill Hill is true to Abercromby’s ethos as a strategic, width and angles challenge. The golf course asks questions of both the tiger and the more timidly hitting rabbit, both of whom will enjoy this golf course because it is expertly laid out to provide a worthy puzzle to golfers of all abilities. Green surrounds are not overly peppered with bunkers, but, each is bunkered in such a way as to entice the tiger to take a risk whilst allowing the rabbit to skirt past them and ensure in doing so they will almost certainly need to use their handicap allowance to good effect if they are to build a good score. 


Pins can be tucked away in quite spiteful places on championship days but there is always a lengthier route on offer if the risk-reward temptation does not appeal.   


A strong set of par 4’s are the de rigueur at Mill Hill, each green and its guarding bunkers are set on the diagonal, tempting the golfer always to bite off a bit more than he/she might be able to chew. Lakes are well used as are drainage ditches, these burns again set on the diagonal to the tee, close proximity to which offers the golfer a better line to the green the nearer he might be enticed to get to them. The 2nd hole in particular takes knowing and woe betide the careless dubber who attempts to overpower this short par 4. This theme continues on for pretty much the whole of the round, bunkers are set on the apex of dog legs, expertly placed bunkers and burn’ dog the careless on every shot. 


 This all may sound a bit joyless but not a bit of it, Mill Hill offers wide expanses of fairways to hit to and it is a challenge, but it is a fair challenge, it is a puzzle that the thinking golfer will thoroughly enjoy trying to unravel, wide fairways yes, but cleverly guarded greens ensure only the ball hit to the correct position will enjoy the best line to a pin and devil take the booming knucklehead because Mill Hill does not yield easily to that sort of golf.   

Reason to Play

One of the county’s finest examples of strategic golf.


Visitors are welcome, green fees from £40

23 miles & 34 mins to London Luton and 10 miles or 45 mins from Marble Arch.

Tel:  0208 349 5211

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Author – Lee Patterson