Final Game of the Season for the Challenger Men’s Team – only a Win would suffice…….

Final match of the season

From the pen of the our unique and vibrant Captain

Again Joe Smith has written a blow by blow account for you to enjoy

and as you would expect he keeps you on the edge of your seat / the ring right till the end…. Enjoy!

Joe Smith

“The scene was set at Wyke Green  between  ourselves and Essex Golf Union in a match that would be a league deciding fixture  for the newly formed challenge league…

Experience went out with youth in first match  Mick McCormack a regular senior player paired with under 18’s player Freddy Tucker in a great match, with the Essex pairing holing from 30 off the green to win by just one up ..

Club captain Norman Shiels and first team captain Kane Stone went out next gaining a valuabale half point, in a game they felt they should have won!

Jimmy Eastwood paired with Rymer Smith known as “King of Wyke Green” for his winning of the Worman Sword 3 years in a row .. they met a barrage of great golf and good fortune from the Essex paring  and lost 5&4.

Player manager Joe Smith and Ealing talent Tayan Wagiani went out last knowing points would be much needed with things going wrong up ahead, but on the18th however things would look up as they won 18 to half their match …

So it was 3…1 to the visitors at lunch ..

Middlesex needed a good start to the singles, but unfortunately local knowledge could not help Norman Sheils to victory as another match went the wrong way on 18 with a 1 hole loss… Kane Stone met a hot Essex  player and he could not find an answer on the day and lost 6 and 5  Freddy Tucker was defeated 2&1in a good game ….   Tayan Wagiani got a first singles win under  the belt for Middlesex by winning 4 and 3  ..

So the tie stood at 6-2 to the visitors at this point (6.5 needed for victory)

Jimmy Eastwood was  on the wrong side of a match that was always close until the end losing 2 and one


…. In the rear of the field  the player manager was relying on experience as his plan had nearly worked  Mick McCormack lost in  game where good fortune got in his way and lost 2&1 at the rear  in match 7 Joe said I said to my assistants I don’t to know scores I just want to focus in my own game after playing 15 and 16 poorly he allowed  the Essex youngster back in the match but recovered nicely to play 17 and 18  well   And Win by one hole!  as he shook  hands he  turned his attention then to his son the king of Wyke Green  who smashed  his drive down the fairway hit in to 16 feet and Cooley rolled the birdie to win on 18  as well.

It was just little to little too late …

Essex ran out winners 8-4

Joe went on to say  I’m proud of my players in defeat as in victory  they gave all myself included when I brought home my win I had now idea what was happening up ahead  neither did my son Rymer that’s the way we wanted to do it .  Blinkers and do our best we’re all equal in our team but I must say Tayan Wagjiani  was the best player on the day, he as bags of ability hopefully this will help him find the key to unlock it …

My team could just as easy have been winning 3..1 then it’s a different game  I learned something yesterday and I’ll bring it to the table. We will become good foursomes players , even though I trust we already are.

I found a key yesterday after a year in charge he said  and loved every minute. Unless our county have other ideas I’ll be back next year bigger and stronger with my good lord’s blessing  … my congratulations go to Essex .. having the juices flowing right up until the end what more can a competition junkie ask for … I would thank my assistant and all involved … loved it!

We certainly will be looking to your leadership again Joe next year – showing us all how it can be done. Maybe a call from Team Europe and Luke could be in the offing – PS you are not for sale