How does your course get its rating?

Do you know how your golf course gets it’s Course Rating??

Middlesex has a team of Course Rating Volunteers, under the leadership of Graham Jones. Firstly, all golf courses must be officially measured from each set of tees. Once the measuring has been completed, the Course Rating Volunteers can attend the club and begin the process.

The length of the course will obviously be a big factor in the eventual rating. However, length isn’t everything. Measurements are taken to all obstacles that a golfer will encounter on their round, from the carry, rough, bunkers, penalty areas, ponds, ditches, out of bounds markers and the green targets, etc.

Each course is rated hole by hole and measurements taken. It’s not so much about how many penalty areas there are, but more importantly, where they are.

Courses are rated for the Scratch Golfer and The Bogey, (Handicap), Golfer. Different distances for each are taken into account. The scratch golfer is expected to drive the ball 250 yards and bunkers, rough or penalty areas are measured from there. The bogey golfer is measured from 200 yards.

A lot of hard work goes into providing our clubs with a course rating, more than you would imagine. Each rating usually takes 4 to 4½ hours or sometimes longer for more difficult course with lots of hazards.

Would you like to become a Volunteer Course Rater? Its hard work but interesting, fun and very rewarding, knowing that you are supporting golf in your County.

For further details, please contact Lee Patterson, Middlesex County Secretary via email or via the office

Come along and join us, what’s not to like!