Middlesex hold it’s 3rd Annual Women in Golf Forum

Middlesex Golf held its Third Annual Women in Golf (WiG) event on the evening of 18th October 2023. Despite the heavy rain, WiG Charter Champions and other interested representatives (37 people in total) gathered at Ealing Golf Club.

The central purpose of the WiG Charter is to increase the number of women, girls and families playing the game or working within the golf industry.

All 17 organisations WIG Charter accredited within Middlesex plus a few other clubs interested in the same goal contributed to the event.

The overall number of females registered for handicap purposes has increased in the past 3 years but the need to introduce more girls to the sport within the County was highlighted.

Di Rowlands from Hendon GC and Gill Smith from Grim’s Dyke GC described their Women’s Pathway Initiatives which were both part-funded by Middlesex development grants in 2023.

 England Golf’s Club Support Officer Helen Tarttelin produced for the event a ‘Quick Link guide’ to useful EG material to support Women in Golf and other more general golf activity. This will be shared with attendees and anyone else within Middlesex showing an interest (contact ruth.holmes2017@outlook.com for a copy).