Results from Women's Autumn Meeting 2023

An event you won’t want to miss and a must date for your festive calendar.

A Middlesex Girls golf and party event .

Spaces will go quick for this event at Stanmore Golf Club on the 3rd January.

All the details are on the attached poster, we do hope you can make it!

So don’t delay

Please contact Di Williams directly to book your place.

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Success for Multiple Clubs in the Women’s Autumn Meeting, 90 points in 90 degrees!

A team comprising of Noreen Lynch, Askale Daley (both from Pinner Hill GC), Madge Henry (Perivale Park) and Nathalie Vilsboe(West Middlesex), were trumphant on the day with a score of 90 points.

64 players took part and were looked after in style as always by our hosts. 


This is a 2 scores from 4 competition so this was really quite a remarkable score in 90 degree heat at Bush Hill Park


Friday 8th September 2023
Red Tees, Bush Hill Park Golf Club
Team Result
1st Noreen Lynch Pinner Hill Golf Club (22), Madge Henry Perivale Park Golf Club (12), Askale Daley Pinner Hill Golf Club (14) & Nathalie Vilsboe West Middlesex (16) 90
2nd Jane Tierney Pinner Hill Golf Club (15), Elizabeth Rumble Pinner Hill Golf Club (24), Breda Hillman Pinner Hill Golf Club (26) & Jinny Lee Pinner Hill Golf Club (16) 85
3rd Angela Rosenberg North Middlesex Golf Club (27), Michelle Bassani North Middlesex Golf Club (26), Noreen Mullally North Middlesex Golf Club (35) & Debs McCrosson North Middlesex Golf Club (31) 85
4th Heather Wood Muswell Hill Golf Club (17), Fiona Bailhache Muswell Hill Golf Club (19), Silvia Montini Muswell Hill Golf Club (17) & Ruth Zohrer Muswell Hill Golf Club (11) 83
5th Rose-Marie Casas Muswell Hill Golf Club (14), Maureen Campbell Muswell Hill Golf Club (20), Rosaleen Norkett Muswell Hill Golf Club (20) & Amanda Shaul Muswell Hill Golf Club (24) 83
6th Lin Lee Brent Valley Golf Club (26), May Lee Brent Valley Golf Club (24), Tracey Allen Brent Valley Golf Club (24) & Paula Radford Brent Valley Golf Club (21) 82
7th Noreen Mullins Muswell Hill Golf Club (23), May Cahill Muswell Hill Golf Club (28), Irene Riley Muswell Hill Golf Club (18) & Kru Desai Muswell Hill Golf Club (14) 81
8th carol Felton North Middlesex Golf Club (37), Nancy O’sullivan North Middlesex Golf Club (22), Rose Marie Donaghy North Middlesex Golf Club (16) & Pauline Cadwell North Middlesex Golf Club (31) 80
9th Noreen Sullivan Muswell Hill Golf Club (20), Margaret McGillen Muswell Hill Golf Club (27), Susan Goddard Muswell Hill Golf Club (14) & Kit Mee Lim Muswell Hill Golf Club (20) 80
10th Juliet Melford Ealing Golf Club (25), Catherine O’Sullivan Ealing Golf Club (16), Rajeshree Patel Ealing Golf Club (18) & Jane Branch Ealing Golf Club (30) 78
11th Marie Deleris Muswell Hill Golf Club (26), Nicola Wyatt Muswell Hill Golf Club (26), Caroline Haworth Muswell Hill Golf Club (26) & Anne-Marie Dargan Muswell Hill Golf Club (22) 76
12th June Sayer North Middlesex Golf Club (36), Ruth Stubbs North Middlesex Golf Club (26), Olive Geoghegan North Middlesex Golf Club (31) & Morag Collier North Middlesex Golf Club (28) 71
13th Shirley Yeoh Pinner Hill Golf Club (16), Gill Mannion Pinner Hill Golf Club (18), Anjna Chavda Pinner Hill Golf Club (25) & Sandra Cobbing Pinner Hill Golf Club (26) 71
14th Rosemary McNamara Ealing Golf Club (22), Kristina Abdat Ealing Golf Club (20), Jan Vaughan Ealing Golf Club (26) & Colette Ball Ealing Golf Club (22) 67
15th Eileen Diviney Ealing Golf Club (18), Tracy Pearcy Ealing Golf Club (23), Noreen Barnes-Hoggett Ealing Golf Club (18) & Amanda Yeates Ealing Golf Club (26) 63
16th Louise Tulip Muswell Hill Golf Club (11), Ruth Holmes Muswell Hill Golf Club (11) & Marjorie Holmes Muswell Hill Golf Club (20) 63