Summer Storm at Muswell Hill for the Handicap Championship

Betts, beats the elements to become Handicap Champion Well done to all competitors who braved the elements on Friday in our Handicap and Individual Plus Team Championship at Muswell Hill Golf Club.

Well done to all competitors who braved the elements on Friday in our Handicap and  Individual Plus Team Championship at Muswell Hill Golf Club


Wet windy conditions were the order of the day as players reached the 1st tee from 8am, met by the legendary Middlesex Chairman and Starter Ray Andrews. 


An unseasonal summer storm hit London at breakfast time, bringing wind and showers for all. Muswell Hill is one of Middlesex’s fair but stern challenges, coming in at just under 6500 yards, it really doesn’t need the elements as well! But it was set up in beautiful lush conditions for all.


Image courtesy of Muswell Hill GC


After all the scores were counted up the eventual winner in a dry, warm and inviting Muswell Hill Club House was Peter Betts from Grim’s Dyke Golf Club, with 38 points


 In 2nd place from Enfield Gof Club was Phil Tiddy with 36 points, good to see one of our regulars and great supporter of Middlesex in the “winners enclosure”


In 3rd place with 35 points was Jason Hill from North Middlesex Golf Club


We also had a team competition with three scores to count,  Team winners  were North Middlesex Golf Club with 100 points   –  Michael Fox, Tom Shanahan and Jason Hill

and in 2nd place was Enfield Golf Club, with 93 points, Phil Tiddy, Iann Wright and Jonathan Foster


Full results here

Thanks to Martin Hegarty Captain of Muswell Hill for presenting the prizes. Plus to Guy Stacey GM of Muswell for his support in preparation of the championships and during. 


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