Women’s 1st Team Manager Q&A

Mandy Miller 1st Team Manager Q&A prior to County Week

“Q and A” with Mandy Miller

Women’s County 1st Team Manager


The Elite Women of Middlesex can either be selected for the 1st or 2nd teams. It is the highest level of competitive golf for Women golfers in Middlesex.

The 1st team’s season is focused towards “County Week” (actually a 4 day event), this year the team heads to Sundridge Park GC, Kent. With the event commencing on the 25th June.

The 1st team is managed by Muswell Hill’s Mandy Miller.

We sat down recently with Mandy to find out what her hopes and aspirations are for this coming season, amongst other topical subjects.

Sit back, relax and enjoy ……



How long have you been involved in golf and a member at Muswell Hill GC?

Mandy – I was a late starter in golf as my family had all started playing many years before me: my sister has played at an elite level (England honours). I have been playing for around 20 years. I enjoyed being part of the Pearson team and was Pearson Captain for 3 years winning the County Final in 2008 & 2010. I went on to Pearson Manager representing Middlesex in 2010 for 4 years.  I also organised the County Championships for 2 years and was fortunate to have played for Middlesex at County Week for 3 years before taking over as 1st Team Manager.

Are you hoping to be a playing captain / manager too?

Mandy, I have already played at County Week and am always available as an emergency reserve but there is much to do and there are far better players than me who should have the chance to shine. I enjoy very much the management of the team and get so much satisfaction from watching players progress and have such fun being part of a team. I had planned to finish last year, but I was keen to build on the success we achieved and so I agreed to stay on. This will be my 4th year as team manager.

I particularly enjoyed the player development part of the role and our coaching team EPM have played a big part in that.

Do you think there will be a mixture of youth and experience, just as many successful teams often are?

Mandy – This year it will have a different complexion as we have lost a couple of players who are away in the US on golfing scholarships or who have moved away to other counties. We do have a number of new young players though who have promising talent and are part of the squad this year.

Do you hope to bring in any new players? Who has caught your eye at the get togethers?

Mandy – we have a number of new players in the squad who will make their debuts at County Week, they are certainly prepared for it. We are a team first and foremost and the priority is to bond, have fun and put their new skills to the test with hopefully good results.

How was the informal / training get together’s ? Any stories you can share, sing along’s, dancing etc we hear are often the norm……

Mandy – well I can’t comment on “what goes on, on tour etc”. But I can say the get together’s have been invaluable as far as bonding and getting to know the all the personalities.

How have you found working with Elite Performance Management?

Mandy – they have helped so much with our preparation and approach; they have given us an improved mental edge. We think better now, we prepare better, for example we think about prevailing winds, what our preferred distances are, where to lay up to and so on. We also learned how to deal with the highs and lows of matchplay and how to react to each.

What is your style of Management – Suzann Petersen or Catriona Matthew?

Mandy – My approach is always to be fair. I like to prepare properly, but I also want to ensure that we always enjoy our time together. The calmness of Catriona Matthews is a fabulous trait! It’s also important to keep things light.

Can players represent both the 1st and 2nd teams? Or are they cup tied?

Mandy – If you represent the 1st team at County Week  in June then you cannot play in the 2nd team matches in July / Aug. Rose (the 2nd Team Manager) and I work closely together. It’s crucial there is a strong and complimentary bond between 1st and 2nd team Managers as the 2nd team players often progress to the 1st team and as the 1st team players get older they often like to play in the 2nd team. It helps that we are both from the same club, although this is not essential.

What would you view as a success for the team this year, is it simply to win County Week?

Mandy – we know as a small county we must manage expectations, winning our final game last year against Sussex gave us all such a high that I want to build on that. The team matched  other counties tee to green but many of the slick greens foxed our team until the final day.  They have all the ingredients required to win – they just need to believe it.  Golf is a game of confidence.  So of course, more team wins, and individual performances would be a success for the county.

Other than golf what are your other life great passions?

Mandy – as with most golfers, golf is all consuming, so golf does dominate, I enjoy golf trips away and have recently joined Princes / Royal Cinque Ports in Deal as I love links courses.

Who would be in your dream 4 Ball?

Mandy – Nicholas Colsearts, Angel Jimenez and Shane Lowry, I think we would have alot of fun.

Other than your home course, which course would you go back and play again?

Mandy – I really enjoyed playing Trump Aberdeen, which is monstrous, rugged and beautiful. I would also love the opportunity to play Sunningdale.

What is your choice of golf ball and why?

Mandy – I am not too fussy really, probably prefer  a Titleist Pro V1 or X. I also quite like the E6 from Bridgestone

What’s the longest iron in your bag?

Mandy – 5iron

How many wedges do you carry?

Mandy – Four wedges – PW / 48 /  54 / 60 lofts

What’s the last thing you watched on Netflix / Streamed?

Mandy – I really enjoyed Race Across the World on BBC I Player – would like to do one day.

Facebook / Twitter or Instagram?

I am a member but rarely post. 

And what’s your football team? 

Mandy – Not a football fan – sorry!

And finally, can people come and support and maybe caddy?

Mandy – Absolutely, it’s only at Sundridge Park in Kent and people could come down for the day. They would be so welcome – it makes such a difference to have support and see friendly faces 🙂  we are the ones in the new Royal Blue and White kit – you won’t miss us!

Interviewer: Thanks so much for your time, I am sure with all the hard work you have put in, you will have a very successful season on all levels.

If you are interested to learn more about the team, check out their webpage 

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