Lee Patterson appointed as County Operations Manager

Dear Golfing Middle Saxons,

It is my great honour and privilege to be asked to follow Darragh Coghlan as the County  Operations/Secretary of Middlesex Golf. Darragh has been instrumental in modernising and improving the County golf offering here in Middlesex over recent years and I am intent on continuing that positive trend.

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Darragh a slán leat (may health and safety be with you) on his departure back to the Emerald Isle, Darragh leaves safe in the knowledge that his efforts here are highly regarded and that he will always find friends in Middlesex.

As for me, I have been playing golf in and around Middlesex for a very long time and know almost every one of the county’s 30 golf courses very well. Latterly my role has been the Golf Operations Manager at Stanmore Golf Club and inevitably, personalities that I once knew have changed and so my most pressing aspiration is to engage with as many club members, managers, pros, and of course our excellent and committed county volunteer force, at every opportunity. 

Nothing happens without that loyal volunteer corps, and I hope to entice as many as show interest, to involve themselves in the affairs of the County no matter how limited or expansive that involvement may be. All are very welcome and indeed invited and encouraged to participate in, and enjoy the camaraderie that exists around everything Middlesex Golf related. 

This County is front facing, friendly and welcoming to all, no one should ever feel excluded in any way, we are ‘all welcome’ to the core, and will remain so under my and our Board of Directors’ stewardship.

The infinite variety of ways in which to enjoy the game of golf in Middlesex will continue to be celebrated by Middlesex Golf and my Gulliver-esque travels will at every opportunity highlight everyone from our Lilliputians playing on their 9-holer over the slopes at Harrow School, to the Brobdingnagians playing over the counties great links at Fulwell and Mill Hill etc., we will include the Blunt Enders at Bush Hill Park and the Sharp Enders at Ashford Manor, all will be celebrated and supported at every opportunity, and over the coming spring I look forward to meeting you at all of the clubs mentioned and everywhere else in-between.

Kind regards,

Lee Patterson, 

County Operations Manager (in waiting) 

Middlesex Golf